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i can't make up my mind

Here's the deal...

A few months back I switched this blog to Wordpress from Blogger. I felt the UI for Wordpress was better as well as some of the other stuff they offered. What I did not account for was my free blog was no longer free if I wanted to republish the layout with some customizations. For that I had to purchase Wordpress CSS editor...LAME!So I'm back to Blogger with a new layout and new RSS feed. For the 5 of you that actually read this blog sorry for the confusion. But I'm here to stay now!

By the way, if you want to know how I got the sweet Flash header leave a comment with your email address and I'll shoot you a message.

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Andy said...

you don't have to purchase the css editor...well, i guess you do if you are using a subdomain (.wordpress)...if you are self hosting, then you don't.

Kevin Sturm said...

hmmm....when I tried to publish some changes I made to my template they told me I had to buy the CSS editor. I even talked to a customer support dude.

Either way, I also couldn't figure out to publish my Flash banner (built with Showit Sites) in Wordpress. It was super easy with Blogger, and my html skills are a bit better now so I really like the layout.