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the value of appreciation

The last few months have been full of trials, tribulations, self doubts, and struggles. Change does that I suppose. I started a new job (same company) about two weeks ago after realizing a difference of management philosophy was just not going to be overcome. But in the transition I was reminded again how good it feels go to be appreciated.

As I was transitioning out of my old position I felt a little bit like I had not finished what I had set out to accomplish. There was more to do and I was unsatisfied with leaving goals unaccomplished. But as left one position to start another I was encouraged at many ends by people telling me how much they appreciated what I had accomplished.

In the last week of my previous position a group of my former employees surprised me by taking me, Chrystal, and Brody out to dinner at Stella Mare's restaurant in SB. After dinner, each of them took time to express how I had helped them in their career and had been a mentor to them. A few tears flowed on both sides as I was overwhelmed with those emotions of still feeling like things left undone and realizing how much respect and admiration I had for my team. I was surprised and grateful, and it made me recognize what I had accomplished over the previous 4 years. They also surprised with a wonderful photo album of my employees at memorable client projects. It really showed how close employees get when being road warriors together.

(The following weekend was Father's Day, and what a great day for this dad to feel appreciated. Chrystal planned a few special events in honor of Father's Day. She really is a wonderful wife!)

Since transitioning into my new position a number of people have expressed how excited they ae to be working more closely with me and how my expertise in hospitality technology was adding a lot of value to the Product Management team. It has really made the transition that much easier and brought some assurance I made the right decision.

Tell someone today you appreciate them. They'll feel blessed and so will you.

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