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The excitement and anticipation of starting my own company has completely overtaken my thoughts since quitting my job 3 days ago. I gave a 60 day notice to help transition everything, so I won't officially be on my own till October 6th. But all I can think about is planning I need to do and getting my website up. I'm having a tough time not spending bunches of money on a really great website and marketing material, but know that I'll get way more customers through word of mouth marketing than my website. A do want a really solid website still.

On Friday I ordered my new business cards, so they should be here this week. I'm so excited! I am super stoked on the design that Wold Creative Group did. Jeremy Wold is a long time friend and recently started his own marketing and design company, so supporting another entrepreneur feels good, too. I already consider Jeremy part of my network-of-success because I know he helped me create a logo that people will remember. I really like Jeremy's style because he believes in simplicity and pure elements of design. If you need design or marketing assistance, you should check out his website and shoot him an email.

The picture below is what Wold Creative Design put together for me. Below that is what I sent him as an idea...and now the world understands why I desperately needed his help.

Front of card by Wold Creative Group

Back of card by Wold Creative Group

Front of Card that I's not horrible, but it ain't no Wold creation!

Back of card that I designed. I did come up with the shortened version of "hospitality technology made simple"...which I felt pretty good about.

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step in a new direction

Yogi Berra once said, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it."

Tim Sanders is one of my favorite authors, and has a business philosophy of surrounding yourself with "ed" people, not "ing" people. Recently, I felt like I had become an "ing" person. I was always thinking about starting my own company, planning on it, or waiting until I had enough money to start one. I was working on business plans or bidding my time for the right moment.

We'll I got tired of being an "ing" person and became an "ed" person today. After almost nine years at the same company, I submitted my resignation today. I gave a 60 day notice, and starting on October 5th will be privately employed as a hospitality technology consultant.

What a rush to enter the world of the entrepreneur. Work had been such a burden lately, and it was like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Now all I need to do is get some customers!

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