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information entertainment gets healthy with an apple a day

I did an interview with Josiah Mackenzie on his Hotel Marketing Strategies Blog. In the interview Josiah asked me a question about how information entertainment is changing the guest experience, with specific reference to Microsoft Surfaces. I think Surfaces is cool, but I'm not convinced it's functional at the current price point (check out the full interview here). His question prompted me to do a little more research on some rumors about Apple's move into hospitality.

I liked these rumors for two reasons. Firs
t, Apple already has guest experience nailed. If you doubt me spend some time in an Apple Store. From architecture, to music, to hands-on-play, to service Apple knows how to manage the guest experience. Second, I'm a tech junkie and an Apple lover (both the mac and honey crisp kind).

What I found really excited me.... I may book a trip just to experience what I saw. Apple has partnered with Nanonation to provide some seriously awesome digital media content to guests. Most of their website revolves around digital signage, but via Apple's website you can register to watch a demo on how they are changing the face of in-room entertainment. And this isn't future in
-room entertainment, it shows what is available now!

To get all the nitty-gritty details you really need to watch the presentation. You can do so by going here and then click "Watch the presentation". That will take you through a series of steps to register your info with Apple (you will need to setup an account). There is a also a singl
e page pdf you can download here.

if you don't have time to watch the video here is my synopsis of the benefits.

  1. A really awesome graphical user interface that is very easy to use, allowing your guests to buy services, research local attractions, and all the while allow you to store their search information making their future searches more guest-centric.

  2. Through use of the Mac mini (a 6 x 6 x 2 computer) you can use the LCD HD TV that most likely is already in the room. And you get the awesome Apple Care warranty option. This also means the hardware and software platform for your In-Room Entertainment is the same as for your Digital Signage in the main areas.

  3. The potential benefits of how this technology will migrate to the iPhone and iTouch is SWEET! See your entire schedule and be able to book reservations for any hotel amenities on your iPhone through an app that integrates with your room details.

  4. Very intuitive and highly functional interactive channel guide for TV viewing.

  5. A movie guide that is more advanced than the current solutions you generally see in hotel rooms, offering more flexibility and a richer user experience typical to that of a Mac.

If you're interested in implementing a new and different in-room entertainment or digital signage solution give me a call. Together we can find out of this solution is right for you.

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