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kevin sturm Consulting has been updated with a really awesome new site. Take a tour and you'll see what I mean. I think the new site expresses what differentiates my consultancy. The bottom line of which is "I am my brand."

kevins turm Consulting

When a company selects my firm to advise them on a technology solution, they get me...not just the business part of me, but the whole part. All my passion and all my enthusiasm. My passion for technology, and travel, and great customer service can't be separated from my passions about living life to the fullest, loving my family, and helping others. Without my other passions, my company is just like any other company...simply someone trying to make money. But I think (and hope) I'm more than just that.

My company is the avenue that allows me to live out my passions:
  • Spending as much time with my family as possible
  • Using my knowledge and experience to help others be more successful
  • Creating freedom in my life to do the things I love to do
  • Traveling...both for work and pleasure
  • Being directly involved in technology and how it can change our lives for the better
I am my brand, and it became important that my website reflect that.

Thanks to the genius of a few folks over at Showit Fast, I was able to build this site myself WITHOUT ANY HTML OR FLASH coding. Given the current economic conditions I have to say saving the dinero on a web developer and graphic designer was a huge help. If your a consultant and wishing your website better reflected your brand, better represented your company, and allowed you to update it on a regular basis then go download Showit Sites.

Make sure to use the promotion code "SIMPLE" to get the first two months FREE. And if you have any questions email me because I'd love to help you get you started in building a site that matches your brand and simplifies your life.

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